Ayurveda Training: Audio Program

This comprehensive Ayurveda Audio Program is a simple but effective tool geared towards changing Your behavior for optimum health & wellness!

Discover how this Ayurveda Program can help You to:
• Learn your ideal lifestyle routine for your unique body/mind type.
• Choose foods to balance you and avoid foods that cause imbalances.
• Identify your present state of imbalances (Vrikriti).
• Learn how to deal with your imbalanced in a natural healthy way.
• Discover the type of work/vocation best suited for you.
• Know how to eat correctly according to the seasons and time of day.
• Find the exercise/sport type most suitable for your body type.
• How to live a balances, healthy and joyful life.


The Ayurveda Experts:
* Dr. Claudia Welch * Dr. Gaurang Joshi * Dr. Indu Arora * Dr. John Douillard * Dr. L. Mahadevan * Dr. Marc Halpern * Dr. Partap Chauhan * Dr. Prerak Shah * Dr. Robert Svoboda * Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla * Dr. Subhash Ranade * Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar * Dr Vijay Jain * Dr. Vivek Shanbhag * Amadea Morningstar

Some topics covered are:
* Introduction to Ayurveda.
* The Three Doshas.
* The Mind & Ayurveda.
* Diagnosis & Observation Techniques.
* Process of Disease according to Ayurveda.
* Lifestyle and Routine.
* Rejuvenation and Virilisation.
* Food as Medicine.
* Subtle Healing Modalities.

This Comprehensive Ayurveda Audio Program consist of 17 Audio lectures by international Ayurveda Experts.

Ayurveda Audio Program


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Last Updated: July 2017