Ayurveda Training: Foundation Program


Ayurveda is considered by most medical historians to be the world's oldest system of natural medicine, originating at least 5,000 years ago. Ayus means life or life span. Ayurveda is thus the "Science of Life" or "Knowledge of the Life Span." It deals with the fundamental principles in nature that underlies the creation, preservation, and restoration of health and the promotion of longevity. Ayurveda is a complete science of healthy, balanced living.

This online Ayurveda Foundation Program introduces you to the basics, history and concepts of Ayurveda and helps you to discover your mind/body constitution. It will provide you with the Ayurveda knowledge to know your body/mind constitution, to keep yourself in balance and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

This course is an Online, Self Study Program that you can start any time, and include the following:

Module 1: Introduction & Basic Concepts.
Module 2: Ayurveda Fundamental Principles.
Module 3: Discovering Your Mind/Body Constitution.
Module 4: Ayurveda in Daily Life.

Cost: R650

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Last Updated: April 2019