Yoga Foundation Module


This Yoga Foundation Module is ideal for yoga students who want to learn more about the knowledge of yoga or who is interested in pursuing a career in yoga teaching. This is an online self-study module.

For those students who want take their yoga class experience to the next level or just want to broaden their general yoga wisdom, this Yoga Foundation module is a rewarding experience.

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Course Curriculum

Topics covered:
* What is Yoga
* Basic Yoga postures/asanas
* Understanding Pranayama (breathing) and Yoga Nidra (relaxation).
* Understanding Raja Yoga/Meditation.
* Personal Home Practices.
* Etc.

This Foundation module is a pre-requisite to the Yoga Teacher Training (Level 1) - if you do not have the necessary yoga experience to enroll in this training.

This Foundation Module does not qualify you to become a Yoga Teacher.

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Last Updated: April 2018