Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (PYTT)
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This Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (PYTT) includes Post-Natal and Baby Yoga. The training will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and techniques to support pregnant women to birth as consciously, naturally, actively and normally as possible.

You will feel confident to assess specific therapeutic needs and address them safely with yoga. If you are already working with pregnant women, this training will provide a deeper appreciation and understanding to work holistically while integrating physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Pre-requisite for this training is a qualification as a Yoga Teacher Level 1 (200-hours). This training counts for credits towards Yoga Teacher Level 2.

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Training Curriculum

This part of the course will include training in:
· yoga postures, pranayama, sound work, relaxation, meditation, and visualisation specific for pregnancy;
· physiological, energetic and emotional considerations during pregnancy, labour and delivery;
· working with women at different stages of pregnancy and experience in yoga;
· how to assess specific therapeutic needs and address them safely with yoga and posture adaptations;
· basic Ayurveda diet and lifestyle advice for pregnancy;
· working with couples for birth preparation;
· becoming a responsible professional working with pregnant women and new mothers.

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Pregnancy Yoga classes provide an opportunity for expectant women to develop greater vitality and awareness of their body that is home for two, as well as to deepen their relationship with their baby. Gentle postures, breath work, sound and chant work and meditation are learned to cultivate flexibility, calm and confidence in preparation for labour and childbirth.

Women are empowered to enhance their ability to access greater relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment. Calm and flexibility ease the birthing process, thus reducing pain and increasing the joy during this special time. With Pregnancy Yoga, women prepare for as active, normal and natural a birth as possible.

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Birthing Preparation for Couples provides an opportunity for couples to enhance awareness of and confidence in pregnancy, labour and birth. Through discussion, gentle postures, breath work, soundwork, meditation and massage, couples cultivate greater relaxation, understanding and enjoyment for childbearing.
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Couples practice postures together that are both beneficial and enjoyable during pregnancy and during labour. Partners feel more connected to the unborn baby. The presence and encouragement of a woman's partner is a powerful aid to labour and delivery. Partners develop greater understanding to support the birthing mom with confidence and sensitivity.

Post-Natal & Baby Yoga
Once the mother has given birth she returns to this special yoga to help her body return to normal as quickly and effortlessly as possible. These classes can be attended with 'baby' and are made to be fun and uplifting.

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This part of the course will include training in:
Yoga postures, pranayama, sound work, relaxation, meditation, and visualisations specific for recuperating after delivery
Postures that are comfortable for breastfeeding, changing baby, reducing backache, strengthening arms and upper body, and toning the abdominals
Physiological, energetic and emotional considerations & support during the first three months with the new baby
Asanas, pranayama and soundwork for uplifting the mood
Quick Relaxation techniques to sneak in when baby is asleep
Very basic baby massage
Ayurvedic advice for the new mom.

If you feel you would like to specialise in teaching Pregnancy & Post-Natal Yoga and have a valid Yoga Teacher's certificate - you will love this course.

Who can do the course?
Any qualified yoga teacher, even if you have not had a baby yourself. (After all most gynaecologists have never had one!!)
Those enthusiastic about good beginnings to life
Those who are passionate about pregnant women and babies
Those who know birthing to be a natural process.

Training Details

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Place:Ananda Sanga, Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa
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The Teacher
Anne Combrinck has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1987. She is also a qualified Yoga Therapy Teacher and trains Yoga Teachers (Level I -200 hours and Level II - 500 hours). Many Journals and magazines have asked her to write yoga and related articles for them, which she does on a regular basis. She is a registered Yoga Therapy Teacher.

After experiencing the joy of yoga during her own pregnancy more than 14 years ago, she has been specialising in helping and teaching others how to enjoy their pregnancies, their bodies and their babies with yoga.

Preparing ladies for natural birth and sometimes accompanying them during birthing is a very rewarding experience for her. Anne helps the partners to feel comfortable - they enjoy their few classes with the expectant mom and often start their own adventure in yoga from then on. She includes nutrition and Ayurvedic lifestyle advice in the classes as well.


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Last Updated: June 2017