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What makes the Ananda Sanga Teacher Training unique?

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For those interested in a career in Yoga Teaching or just to deepen your personal practice - our Yoga Training is guaranteed to be a life changing experience!





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The lineage and teaching of Ananda Sanga Yoga is a uniquely modern, individualised and integrated approach to the ancient science of yoga. We provide a comprehensive foundation for all aspects of yoga. This includes the comprehensive studies of the practice and teaching of subtle anatomy, pranayama, kriya yoga; meditation and Ayurveda. The Ananda Sanga Yoga Teachers learn to teach compassionately, confidently and safely and to respect every individual student. Our philosophy is to recognise the inherent strengths of each student and to enhance these strengths through personal practice.
Is the Yoga Teacher Training (Level 1) a full-time yoga program?
There is a 1 month of intensive Yoga Teacher Training at Ananda Sanga, where we deal with all the practical aspects of the training. This is followed by a period of 6 months of online study, assignments and tests, covering the theory of the course and allowing trainees to integrate the knowledge and start applying it.
What are the yoga certification requirements?
See the yoga training for our certification requirements.
Are the Yoga Teacher Trainers qualified?
Anne and Martin, the two principle academic staff at the Institute, have over 40 years of Yoga Teaching experience between them and have been training yoga teachers for over a decade. They have done intensive study with many world-renowned yoga teachers, gurus and doctors, both in South Africa, India, USA and other countries. They have hosted and organised workshops for many great teachers at Ananda Sanga as well. They are both qualified Yoga Therapist.

They have taught Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda workshops internationally and locally in all types of environments, for example in corporate settings for International and local companies; health resorts and spas; senior citizen living facilities and groups; schools of all levels - nursery to high school; other cultural and support groups such as Scouts, stroke support, depression support, Hospice Care-givers, etc. They also have taught yoga on a voluntary basis to delinquent children in recovery homes and orphanages.

Are there any pre-requisites for the Yoga Teacher Training (Level 1)?
Yes, we do have admission requirements:
* Been practising yoga for more than 1 year. If not, there is a Yoga Foundation Module available.
* Successfully attained Matric or equivalent schooling.
* For more admission requirements or to apply for the Yoga Training -> click here.
Do I have to be an expert in yoga to do the training?
Expert - no - however, you certainly have to know the basics of yoga including how to do a variety of asana (postures). On this course, we teach you how to teach yoga not how to do yoga. That is why one of the pre-requisites is at least 18 months of yoga class experience. Our YTT program is an inclusive program. Since yoga is an individual practice, we expect and welcome different levels of physical ability. Your commitment and desire to deepen your understanding of yoga are most important.
What style of Yoga do you teach during your training?
Our teaching style is spiritually based (Paramahansa Yogananda) with Integral & Vinyasa Hatha Yoga traditions. We adhere to the yogic principles of Patanjali and emphasise the importance op asana (posture), breath, mind and body. Yoga is all encompassing and the students need to have a good foundation in yoga in order to be excellent yoga teachers.
Can I start teaching after a qualify as a Yoga Teacher?
Yes, you can start teaching groups of people at a beginner's level as you build up your confidence and experience. However, we always advise newly qualified teachers to continue with Advanced Yoga Training as the field of yoga is so vast - it is after all thousands of years old and so there is a lot to learn!
Is your Yoga training according to international standards?
Yes, all our yoga trainings are according to international standards. We are a qualified Yoga School with Yoga Alliance South Africa. Our qualified yoga teachers are able to register with Yoga Alliance.
Does Ananda Sanga offers Advanced Yoga Training?

Yes we do. Our Advanced Yoga Training consists of different modules. Each module 'specialises' in a certain field and has a certain number of hours allocated to it. These hours are added up and together with teaching experience you can obtain a Yoga Teacher Level-2 (500 hour) qualification.

Where does the training take place and is there accommodation available for students?
All our yoga training takes place at our centre in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa. The training venue is in the heart of the winelands, surrounded by beautiful mountains and the sea. Limited accommodation is available.


Our Yoga Trainings provides a different experience for different students, based on their own personal situation and development. Here are a few testimonials from our qualified Yoga Teachers:-
I have changed a lot this year and the course has been a large part of it. People have said I seem happier and more at ease and comfortable with myself. I don't let things affect me as they used to either. Have also become more accepting and accommodating of others and looked at people in a new light, with more understanding and empathy, understanding the connection we all have in this Universe.- AM, England
The teachers at Ananda Sanga make you feel capable and positive at planning yoga classes and teaching yoga. We started teaching from the third day of the course. I also met wonderful people from all over the world.- TC, Canada
Since the Ananda Sanga YTT, I certainly feel better about myself and definitely approach life’s challenges with a calmer attitude. I’m less worried about things that in the past would have caused me immense stress. I’m definitely more confident to teach now. I find that some of my students feel like they can open up to me about their problems and I’ve somehow become a trusted confidant to many of them.” – VB, Cape Town, SA
"It was the best decision I made by attending the most profound yoga teacher training one could possinly ask for. Your foundation is carried every day to my dear yogis. Thank you and on many more years to come. Be blessed. Love and light. Namaste" - AJ, Germany
I feel very confident teaching others of all ages and abilities. Much love to you, Anne and Martin!! You are great!!” - Kym
This YTT, has impacted my life in many, many different ways. My diet, my awareness, my feelings towards myself and other people, my inner strength has improved; I am calmer and more perceptive. Things do not affect me as much as they used to before. I feel more in touch with people, I empathise with people and situations more easily.” – JB, South Africa
These assignments [on-line] have been a good time to reflect on my yoga knowledge and return to some basics that are not necessarily incorporated in daily classes when teaching my students. They have helped to integrate the knowledge acquired during the course, especially by bringing the information back to conscious awareness. The tips and challenges at the end of each assignment have also been helpful to progress my personal practice.” – KC California, USA

Everything about yoga and meditation and this new path after the YTT, seems to somehow resonate with something within me.” – CJ, South Africa

Ananda Sanga Yoga Teacher Training

Last Updated: June 2017