Yoga Faculty

1. Yoga Foundation Module

This is ideal for yoga students who want to learn more about the knowledge of yoga or who is interested in pursuing a career in yoga. This module is required for students who do not have the necessary yoga experience to enroll for the yoga teacher training.

2. Yoga Teacher Training: Level 1: 200-hours

This is the entry level to become a qualified Yoga Teacher. As a Yoga Teacher, you can teach beginners and intermediate classes. This is the beginners level for your career as a Yoga Teacher.

Next Training: 8-28 September 2019

3. Advanced Yoga Training (AYT) - Yoga Therapy: 300-hours

Pre-Requisite: Yoga Teacher: Level 1. Yoga Therapy is the therapeutic use of yoga to help alleviate or manage health concerns and restore balance within individuals on all levels.This Ananda Sanga Yoga Therapy training takes a minimum of two years to complete.

4. Pregnancy Yoga Training

Pre-Requisite: Yoga Teacher: Level 1.This is a specialised training module to become a qualified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher.

At Ananda Sanga we have:
* A dedicated and qualified team of Yoga Educators
* A strong focus on classical Yoga training – incorporating the body, breath, mind and soul.
* One of the oldest Yoga Training center's in South Africa - celebrating 20 years in 2016!.
* Learner support programmes.
* A strong focus on quality and continuous assessment to identify areas of weakness.
* Continuous development of learning facilitators.


Last Updated: March 2019